About Me!

I know what you're thinking-- this kind of project is not the kind of undertaking a normal person would do.  I mean, who still has all their notes after four years of college?  And high school notes too?  Really?

Well, there's a reason for that, the reason being that I'm an academic, or at least will be one someday soon.  This fact was brought home to me not only by this project, but also by an experience I had the other day, where my mind was so far into a problem and away from my body that I completely missed the fact that there was a banana peel on the ground and almost fell on it.  True story.  It was a bit of a fail, especially with my video game training.

I'm currently a doctoral student in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan, focusing on the study of video games and the Internet.  Yes, those are both legitimate things to study, and I've been pleased to find that my professors are excited about my topics and fully support my research.

Other than that, who am I?  I grew up in Connecticut and am still a Yankee snob at heart, despite four years at the University of Virginia.  I read like it's my job (and sometimes it is), bake cookies all the time despite having diabetes, play video games even though I sometimes suck at them and spend a lot of time dancing, both randomly in the kitchen and also more formally on a ballroom dance team.  I correct grammar in books, papers and conversation, know a lot of random trivia and play a lot of board games with the best friends anyone could ask for.  My family's pretty awesome too, although having two brothers meant I got teamed up on occasionally when growing up.

I like to pretend I still know science, even though I'm a liberal arts major, and I sometimes feel guilty about the fact that I've had to give up whole fields of knowledge that I once knew pretty well.  But I guess that's why we're here, isn't it?  Hope you enjoy my pet project!