About this Blog

So this is really just an excerpt from the oldest post on here, but as that moves further and further into the archives, I figured I'd add this page for anyone just finding this place who is wondering what the heck it is I'm trying to do.

Following my recent graduation from college, I spent a night trying to organize and file the immense number of papers, notes and readings one accumulates during four years of school. Sounds mind-numbing, perhaps, but in reality it was kind of fun to see all the things that I know, or at least knew at one point. This got me thinking about how all of the random knowledge a person has could be fun to throw together, and thus, this blog was born. It's meant to be a place for me to post things I've rediscovered in my files and also to put up newer facts and information that I feel people might find useful or interesting. We'll see how it goes! And hey- maybe you'll learn something cool.